Car was finished in April 2012 and was a 5 year rotisserie restoration • This car was painted with Sikkens really black on the bottom, sub frame, firewall, and all bumpers, mirrors. and moldings. ($125 per quart!) • Was painted 3 base and 4 clear then wet sanded down with 1 000 grit and 5 clear coat and buff • DSE (Detroit Speed) Mini-tubs • DSE Subrame connectors through the floor for full frame • DSE Rally Sport Electric Headlights • DSE firewall insert • DSE Dash insert • DSE wiper motor • DSE front sub frame setup fully adjustable • DSE billet hood and trunk hinges • DSE rear leaf spring 3″drop setup with adjustable Koni’s • 427 LS Darton sleeved MTI race motor (763 hp) • Push button start • T56 6 Speed built by D&D,has all viper internals, carbon blocker rings, billet inserts etc.

Los Angeles, California, United States