Engine Concept One Pulley System Sheet Metal Intake 376 Cubic Inch LS Stock GM Crank Stock GM Rods Speed Pro piston with floating wrist pin (Hypereutectic) Chrome Molly Rings Clevite 77 Rod and Main Bearings (STD) Meling Oil Pump LS3 Timing Chain and Tensioner Engine Tech Chrome Molly Push Rods (7.400) LS7 Lifter LS7 Valve Springs and Retainers LS3 Heads 5 Angle Valve Job GM Valve GM LS3 Rocker Arms with Comp Cam 360 degree Trunnions Howards Cam 197245-12 Crank Sensor, Cam Sensor 2005 Up 58 Reluctor

Moultrie, Georgia, United States