This custom coupe features a three-inch chop that there’s more to this Camaro than just a charm top. It has a hidden roll cage using three hidden tubes running across the roof between the confines of the top and headliner, two additional tube: run lengthwise along the roof and tie in to a hoop under the rear window, which is connected to some cross members behind the back seat. The complete front end was removed and a Pro Street front clip from TCI was added. With the fenders and hood back on, curvature on the front fenders were increased by cutting them down 2.75 inches at the grill. Looking at the car you get the illusion that the front has been lengthened by a few inches. Hood has extended and flared it to match with the front fenders. The stock cowl induction hood was heightened, lengthened and curved to match the contour of the new hood shape giving the car a pro stocker look, At the same time the firewall was cleaned and a rad support was modified to fit the new radiator.

Titusville, Florida, United States