We could tell you that you’re looking at a Corvette in sheep’s clothing, but this 1966 Chevrolet Nova is so much more. This pro touring machine has been so thoroughly custom built that it leaves you wanting for nothing, and its 425 hp LS1 V8 leaves everyone else in your wake. Should we call it a coincidence that the most popular Corvette color in 1966 was Nassau Blue, which is pretty darn close to the Nova’s Marina Blue? Well read into that what you want because this factory-correct color is guaranteed to amaze on the show field. It’s a recent very professional application, and the modern paint practices gives it a metallic element and depth that could never be imagined a half-century ago. And since bold paint takes away from some of the sleeper status that these early Novas enjoyed, this one amps up the aggressive features. The gray side hockey stick stripe looks like it was borrowed from a future Camaro, and the color matches perfectly with the Coys wheels. Even if the larger rear ones do a great job of tucking into the bodywork, they still give this coupe a nice forward-leaning stance. Every piece of chrome appears in pristine condition, from the wide stock bumpers, to the tall taillight surrounds. There’s even a few custom touches of brightwork with a machined bottom plate providing fresh air up front, and a matching panel running across the trunk.