Is this 1952 Chevrolet 3100 Custom a great vintage pickup or a cool hot rod? Well, with serious V8 power and a real wood truck bed, this Chevy is the best of both worlds…and trucks of this vintage do not stay in our showroom long!

This is the kind of body that draws attention from everyone. The butter-smooth burgundy paint highlights just how amazingly straight the panels are. It’s the perfect complement to the custom elements like the air spoiler ribbed tailgate, streamlined rear end with integrated taillights, and shaved door handles. But those are the obvious pieces. Take a closer look, and you’ll notice great little touches like how the headlights have had their chrome surround removed, and the units have been frenched. Despite all these custom touches, there still are plenty of great vintage elements. The truck bed is still made of real wood, and the iconic chrome grille is pristinely stock. In total, this is obviously one pickup that has had a lot of time and money invested in making it the right balance of the new and old worlds.

Inside there is even more great custom work. There are tall bucket seats that are vastly more comfortable than the bouncy bench that came from the factory over half a century ago. Covered in a soft gray cloth with burgundy inserts, it complements the metal on this truck very nicely. The driver gets a Lecarra sports steering wheel with a bow tie Chevy emblem etched in the center. Beyond that are a set of SW gauges that offer a similar pattern to the originals, but are much clearer and cleaner. In fact, the whole dashboard has been customized to be tastefully uncluttered. But, simplified does not mean this pickup lacks great features. The matching upholstered door panels have switches to operate the power windows. A custom center console holds the air conditioning controls, and there’s even an AM/FM/CD stereo located in a cool overhead console.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States