The engine is of unique design and build, with many custom made parts. Example: The custom made AFR heads will support 1000 HP. The Crane cam was specially ground for this particular application. Engine parts alone, totaled in excess of $20,000. The solid/hydraulic lifters are rated for 8500 RPM. The engine builder I have always used since 1971, is quite well know for it’s excellent reputation, especially Ford engines! ¬†This 408 cu. in. Windsor stroker is rated at 650 HP @7000 RPM ( conservatively rated ) and has 8-stack Electronic Fuel Injection throttle bodies. The engine runs great on 91 Octane pump gas, and is very streetable at any RPM. Trans is a TKO 5-speed, with hydraulic clutch and the 8500 RPM light weight fly-wheel allows for super quick revs. Total Control Products: ¬†power rack & pinion with high RPM race pump, tilt steering column, totally adjustable tubular upper & lower control arm with adjustable coil over springs and shocks, ect.

Manlius, New York, United States