2002 Ford Mustang Convertible with Incredible Custom Paint Job This vehicle has only had one owner and has been cared for with passion and pride over the years.  The custom paint job (recently quoted for another vehicle between $9500 and $12000, so our price is like getting the car for free when paying for the paint job) has been meticulously cared for, waxed and polished several times every year. The paint color changes like a  chameleon and flip flops between a sea-foam green and light purple and just about every color in between.  When painted, the car started with a black base, then received 2 additional black coats, 6 color coats and 2 additional top coat layers.  You would literally be the only person in your whole area with a car that looks like this! The car has been driven year round, but not during winter storms.  The automobile is exceptionally clean, interior and exterior.  The convertible top has been conditioned several times each year and is in great condition. Recent upgrades to the car include an aftermarket automatic car starter, upgraded AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth audio system, brand new tires and wheels and an enhanced high volume air filter system. Less than 80,900 miles

Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States