What you are looking at is one of the best examples of a daily driver show truck.  I built this truck to be a headturner, a fast beast, and a daily driver.  If you wanted to turn this into a show truck, it would not take much.  If you want a bad ass daily driver, look no further.  Keep in mind, this is NOT a show truck so it’s not 110% perfect but damn near.  I don’t abuse it but I use it and I worked hard to keep it as clean as possible and keep idiots from ruining it.  Why am I selling it?  Where I live in the Midwest, this truck is not practical for so many months out of the year and I’m not going to subject it to salt over and over again, that is a pain in the butt.  So I’m going to work on my offroad vehicles instead.  It is very, very, very hard to let this truck go due to the amount of laughs, pain, and time I have in it but I want someone else to have fun. This truck started out as a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado and then in 2009 I purchased the truck and proceeded to customize it.  All the frame was completely redone by Xtensive Metalworks in Texas.  Then a 2006 front clip was added for an upgraded touch.  Underneath the frame was made to tow three times its capacity with a hidden hitch and rear view camera.  Utilizing a KP components 4 link suspension with a Watts link in the rear combined with ridetech’s top shocks.  Up front we had RideTech personally install the front suspension with their custom A arms, shocks, bags, you name it.  The entire suspension is controlled by Accuair eLevel control with custom pod mounted in the dash.

Seymour, Indiana, United States