So let’s start with that paint. It’s kind of like the factory’s Black Cherry, only with a lot more metallic in it to make it glow. It’s deep and rich and sophisticated and so well done that you almost can’t resist running your fingers down its flanks just to see if it’s still wet. The Chevelle’s look is timeless and even in 1972 it was one of the more attractive cars in the Chevrolet showroom, and things like the cowl induction hood and white SS stripes only add to it. Finish quality is quite good with only the most minor signs of use, and for a car that just passed its 42nd birthday, it looks to have received a new lease on life. The later Chevelle’s single headlight front end is incredibly handsome, particularly with a blacked-out SS grille and matching emblems on the front fenders. The chrome and stainless trim was fully restored with the rest of the car, but amazingly, nothing was shaved or modified during the build. They just focused on getting the details right and it’s paid off handsomely.

Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States