Any single feature of this 1972 Chevrolet Camaro could easily justify its price – the custom graphic metallic paint; the complete and comfortable interior; the custom T-top roof; and the 383 stroker with a nitrous shot that brings it to 742 hp. All of these are huge investment independently that come together to create a coupe that will stay in everyone’s mind whether it’s on the car show lawn or tearing up the streets. Usually seeing a split-bumper bad boy Z28 Camaro is enough to get your heart racing, but on this one, it’s just a little bonus. You’ve never seen a custom air brushed graphics kit on a car like this before, and no one you pass will ever see one like this again. It takes an amazing imagination to turn this coupe into a mural of riveted steel with a midnight thunderstorm trying to bust through. People will flock to see the jagged appearance of the graphics and then be amazed as they come closer to see it hidden beneath all that butter-smooth clearcoat. The paintwork is the key to an aggressive package that’s reinforced by the Weld Pro-Star wheels staggered for a racer’s stance, duck tail rear spoiler, and of course, the massive air scoop on the hood.