The engine is a brand spanking newly rebuilt 350 four bolt main, bored to 355, about 350 horse power.  It was built by a reputable racing engine builder that has been building engines and specializing in Chevrolets for well over 30 years. Before building it he took the block to his trusted reputable go to machine shop to be checked out and have the machining work done, it was Vat cleaned, and block decked, inspected etc… After he got it back from the machine shop and built it, it was properly broken in on the stand, checked for leaks or issues (there wasn’t any) and tuned, before ever being put in the truck. We put it in, turned the key and it fired right up. At this point it may have about 200 miles on it, so it’s really not truly broken in as far as actual on road driving etc. It runs really well, sounds good, and has a sweet lick. Been in the truck only a couple of months.

Greenville, South Carolina, United States