1968 Bronco that has gone through an extensive frame off customization. There was no expense spared on this build. I’ve been building cars for nearly 20 years and I am proud to say that this one is by far my best.  I started with the typical Early Bronco. They all have rust somewhere on them, usually it’s just how much. This one wasn’t bad but typical I would say. The entire body was disassembled and sent out for media blasting and removal of all rusted areas. Everything that had any type of rust on it was replaced as it should be. All of the metal was acid etched and sealed for maximum longevity and protection for years to come.  The frame was sent out and media blasted along with most of the suspension. I had the frame and all suspension powder coated with a satin black coating for durability. The lift components came coated already in a different color so I stuck with that. It has a 5.5 James Duff lift on it, as well as a 2″ body lift.  In reassembly, I used mostly new old stock parts where I could and all other pieces were bought from a reputable EB vendor.

Prosper, Texas, United States