This is my 1964 Baja Bug with 1971 1600DP. I have done all of the work on this car. I know it inside and out and am happy to explain it / document it down to the last detail. I will also include my library of books / printed internet resources. This is a 51 year old car. It is magical, and it is a ton of fun and it is CLEAN inside and out. It doesn’t smell like gas, or cigarettes, or mold, etc. Everything inside it is new, and clean. I drive it to and from work, on I-25 at 80mph (thanks to the tall tires). Before I cleaned it up, I tested it off road. It is tough as nails and so light that it is almost impossible to get it stuck. Engine fires right up and idles well. Carb recently re-built. Electric choke on carb works great. Jetted for altitude but I do have the stock jets, which run fine, if a little rich I also have two 34 PICT 3 bodies and lots of replacement carb parts.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States