This convertible has an unmistakable body that makes it look mean. The racing strips, numbers, and naked wheels announce that this Corvette came to compete. It’s this kind of prowess that makes the car attract far more attention than the perfectly restored 1960 Corvettes and this one is half the price! But there is a more practical side too. This Vette has not gone on the complete racer’s diet. So it still has the mountings for the included hard top, and the trunk is intact to make sure this classic can still go on all the road trips you want. Regardless of how you use this car, it still has all the great 1st generation Corvette hallmarks such as two-tone paint, fender lines, and toothy chrome grille. In fact, not only was this the last model year for that grille, but this was also the last time the Corvette would have the sculpted rear end with subtle tailfins.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States