The body is a ’53, but if you know your Chevys, you’ve already spotted the 1949 Chevy front fenders, the frenched 1954 taillights, and the Corvette Millennium Yellow paint. Together, they make for one of the most remarkable delivery trucks we’ve ever seen. Check out how the rear fenders were molded into the bodywork, the frenched headlights and antenna, and the shaved trim. Even close up, you’ll be impressed by the bodywork, which is laser-straight, even on those large side panels, which are just waiting for your business’s logo to do some work. The finish is brilliant, deep, and shiny, probably better than it looked on the Corvette, making this a very high-visibility hot rod. The trim that was left on the car, most notably the grille and bumpers, were painted to match, giving it a monochromatic look that works rather well, but details like the windshield surround, door handles, and side mirrors remain bright, shiny metal just for a little contrast. Yeah, these guys knew what they were doing when they put this one together.

Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States