For consignment, a once mild mannered 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe 2 Door sedan that probably sat in suburbia dutifully awaiting the Mr. or Mrs to get in and drive to work, the store, or even skirting the edge and out to a fancy dinner!  Well, (record needle SCRAAAAAHHHHTCH!), no longer.  Now a custom creation with colorful paint just like its total build, get ready to shake rattle and roll!


A bit of what they call shaving has gone on with all chrome removed, and what did stay is painted in either bubblegum pink, or sexy Smurfette blue.  With its top shaved 4 inches and suspension lowered just a bit, which is commonly known as smashing by the hot rodding crowd, this all steel car now floats on 15-inch flattened moon caps wrapped in front by 195/65R15’s from the 48th week of 2016, and 215/60R15’s from the 50th week of 2018.  The front of the car blows you away with its bubble gum pink scallops which are not like any other, as they are note flames  Yikes, its looking more like streaks which begin their change over other Smurfette blue at the firewall.  Here the blue takes over and bathes the remainder of the car’s chopped tinted glass top, bulbous rear trunk deck and fenders which have vertical rectangle frenched tail lights.  While we’re at it, let’s bathe the bumper in blue as well!   On the trunk is a painted badge naming this beauty as “Tapped Out” with a flaming bowtie with a 51 inside of it, all in the bubblegum pink.  Wild teardrop side view mirrors through which you cannot see a damn, but they look cool as hell, are hanging off of either side.  The headlights have been frenched and the bumper is gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday, gone like a soldier in the Civil war Bang Bang…


Before climbing in I did check my shave in those mirrors, so I do stand corrected.  I could see my face was as smooth as a baby’s ass, but I digress.  Dark blue leather, totally custom, garnishes the uppers which have a large molded armrest, billet actuator and power window toggles are on for the dress up.  White uppers for the sills and blue carpeting for the lowers, which moves inside and covers the floors too.  Inside, smoking chair quality dark blue overstuffed leather with buttons bathes the low back buckets.  A long shift lever reaches for the driver and a billet style rally steering wheel fronts the dash on an adjustable stalk and power turns the front wheels to carve curves.  The dash is totally custom, a full metal jacket bathed in white with aluminum billet style panels for the instruments and Vintage Air controls.  We see a killer AM/FM/Cassette & 10 disc CD changer which will keep you in tunes until the tank runs dry on the car or your concentration to drive it.  In the back, 2 plus 2 rear overstuffed buttoned leather bench has plenty of romper room in case you get bored or a glimmer in your eye and a tingle in your thigh at the drive in.  Stop right there! I gotta know right now before we go any further.  Do you love me??


Under the hood sits a 350ci V8 crate engine, (what company is crate?  KIDDING!), that gleams with shine and growls like a mad alpha lion.  It has Edelbrock for the intake manifold and 4-barrel carb.  A TH350 is the 3-speed automatic variety and a 10 bolt pumpkin is spinning the rears.  Dual exhaust with Cherrybomb mufflers is there for the exhale.  …And we were glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife…I slept on it and the answer is YES, YES, YES, OH GOD YES!


Nicely preserved spray on undercoating from the late 80’s or early 90 from which this car emerged in its present state abounds underneath.  Mustang 2 front suspension and leaf sprung rear suspension is on, along with disc front and rear drum respectively.  Woooooah!


I slipped inside and after having multiple visual and sensory  orgasms, I fired it up and off to the test track I sped.  Here it responded to my goosey boot, shifted nearly unnoticeably, and came to a grinding halt when I got in a panic and saw the Mall wall upcoming and brought it back to double nickels.  All conveniences were working just swimmingly, and I got out and has a smile in my face and a cigarette…SIGH

Just a neato build from yore harkening back to the days when Miami colors were hotter than anything around, shaving, frenching, smashing, and tinting were also all the rage and this heavy Chevy has completed the transformation retro style and now has reverted back to cool.  I’ll take 2 please.


2-Tarrytown, NY Assy Plant



B-February Build

28394-Sequential Unit Number


STYLE 51 1011-1951 Chevrolet Deluxe 2 Door Sedan

BODY T6648-Tarrytown Body #

TRIM 201-Tan Cloth

PAINT 442-Mayland Black

Price: $24,500

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